PHP mySQL Training Couses

PHP MySQL Training Objectives
PHP is the general purpose Scripting language that is especially suited for web development to produce dynamic web pages and can be embedded into HTML. PHP originally called as Personal Home Page, but now it is called as Hypertext preprocessor. MySQL is a database server, free open source project ideal for both small to large applications and supports standard SQL. PHP enabled web pages are treated just like a regular HTML pages so you can create and edit them the same way you normally create regular HTML pages with proper PHP tags.
This course will take you through all the essentials concepts and usages you need to know to use PHP & MySQL in an effective professional way for creating an incredible dynamic web site. In this course we will also show you the advance concept fully explaining and working with PHP object oriented programming approach to handle complex web base application. Thus this course will also set you in confidence and comfortable in working and customizing with popular open source cms applications like – Drupal, Joomla etc as well MVC Frame Work like Zend, Codeigniter etc.

PHP MySQL Training Course Outline Understanding the Fundamentals
Introduction to PHP / MySQL and Apache fundamentals
Server installation and configuring PHP, MySQL and Apache development environment
Discussing various text editor and PHP IDE
Introducing the working environment of Netbeans
Introducing phpMyAdmin
Viewing PHP configuration information
Our first PHP program –“Hello World!”
Exploring Data Typesm
Understanding primitive data type – integer, float, string, boolean, array, object, null
Variables & Strings
Working with some useful String functions
Type casting
Defining Constants
Introducing PHP composite data structure – Array & Object
Control Structures and Logical Expressions
Use of If else statement
Working with nested If else
Understanding the logical operators
Evaluating with logical expression
Working with the switch case
Working with the ternary operator
Exploring Loops Constructs
For loop
While loop
Do while loop
Foreach loop
Understanding & Illustrating the effect of Continue & Break
Important Elements of PHP
Understanding the PHP super global
Working with $_GET, $_POST, $_REQUEST, $_SESSION
Maintaining page state – Session Vs. Cookies
Patterns for processing HTML forms
Introduction to PHP functions
Discussing and work with Native functions
Examples with numbers, strings and dates
string functions Vs. regular expressions
User-Defined Functions
Defining functions and concept of arguments
Using functions comfortably
Returning values from a function
Variables scope – Local Vs. Global
Function argument with default value
Parameters passing:‘by value’Vs.‘by reference’
Working in depth with Strings
Quoting String Constants
Printing Strings
Accessing Individual Characters
Cleaning Strings
Encoding and Escaping
Comparing Strings
Manipulating and Searching Strings
Regular Expressions
Working in depth with Arrays
PHP array types – Indexed Vs. Associative
Identifying Elements of an Array
Working with Nested Array (Multidimensional Arrays)
Looping array and retrieving elements
Extracting associative array and accessing with key variables
Traversing and Sorting Arrays
Working with some useful array function
Usages of Arrays
Building PHP Pages
Links and URLs
Using GET values
Encoding GET values
Encoding for HTML
Building forms
Setting cookies
Establishing sessions
Headers and page redirection
Including and requiring pages
MySQL Fundamentals
MySQL introduction
Creating a database in MySQL
Populating a MySQL database
Working with phpMyAdmin
Connecting to MySQL with PHP
Understanding the CRUD operation
Accessing data in MySQL with PHP
Introducing PHP 5.x Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
Introducing the concept and basics of OOP
Defining classes, methods and properties
Concept of sudo variable – $this
Access modifiers: public, private and protected
Instantiating a class (object creation)
Referencing an instance
Static Vs. Instance properties & methods
OOP in Practice
Understanding class inheritance & Polymorphism
Setting access modifiers
Using setters and getters
Working with the static modifier
Reviewing the scope resolution operator
Referencing the Parent class
Using constructors and destructors
Cloning objects
Comparing objects
Miscellaneous PHP tasks
Understanding system basics and permissions
Working with Files and Directories
Configuring PHP for email
Sending email with mail()
Using headers
Using PHPMailer
Project – Building a Content Management System
Introducing & Explaining the CMS concept with Drupal and Joomla
Blueprinting our first CMS application
Building the CMS database
Understanding relational databases
Establishing work area
Creating our first page
Making page assets reusable
Connecting site to a database
Building dynamic navigation
Refactoring the navigation
Adding links to navigation
Determining which page is selected
Displaying HTML based on the selection

ASP Dot Net , C# Traing Course

ASP.NET Training Objectives
ASP.NET is a web application framework developed by Microsoft to build dynamic web sites, web applications and web services on windows platform running IIS with .NET and SQL server as database choice. As ASP.NET is an integral part of Microsoft's .NET framework, it provides several rich tools for programmers and developers to build dynamic web technologies using compiled languages like VB and C# as a choice of programming language and making execution faster than the old ASP technology. It also allow developers to build very compelling applications by making extreme use of Visual Studio, the integrated development environment (IDE) provided by Microsoft. ASP.NET is purely server-side technology and it is built on a common language runtime (CLR) that can be used on any windows server to host powerful ASP.NET web sites and technologies.
ASP.NET pages officially known as the Web Forms are the main building block for dynamic web application development with a file extension of ".aspx". Such files typically contain static (X) HTML markup, as well as markup defining server-side web controls and user controls where the developers place all the required static and dynamic content for the web page to be generated and all these dynamic scripts are processed by a web server on server side before the output is being sent to the user’s browser. In this course, we will begin by introducing about the Microsoft .NET framework fundamentals and gradually covering the entire essential concept you need to know to build a strong foundation in ASP.NET domain. After completing this course, you will be able to create dynamic web sites in windows platform such that it also prepares your career as ASP.NET application developer and makes ready for the next advance concept of ASP.NET Ajax and MVC architecture.
ASP.NET Training Course Outline
Introduction to ASP.NET Technology
Fundamentals of Microsoft .Net Framework
Concept of CLR
About Managed and Unmanaged Code
ASP.NET Architecture and IIS
Exploring Visual Web Developer 2010 Express (IDE)
Understanding the development web server
ASP.NET Pages (Web Forms)
Understanding ASP.NET web form fundamentals
Introduction to Server-side controls
HTML Vs Web Controls
Working with controls
Hyper Link and Button Controls
List Controls
Controlling Focus
Handling post back data in a web form page
Data Binding
Creating a simple page - 'Hello World'
Code Behind file
Page Life Cycle and Round Trip
Enable View State and Is Post Back Properties of Page
Event handling
Control state
Programming with C# in ASP.NET
Creating a testing environment
Declaring and using a simple variable
Declaring and using a complex object
Using loops
Using functions
Using trace statements
Debugging with breakpoints
Commenting code
Introduction to SQL Server 2008
Understanding Microsoft SQL Server
Installing SQL Server 2008 Express
Exploring SQL Server Management Studio Basic
Creating a new database
Connecting to the database in ASP.NET
Testing SQL queries
Presenting a dataset in an ASP.NET page
Accessing Data
Overview of ADO.NET
Connecting to Data
Executing Commands
Working with Data
Language Integrated Query (LINQ)
Understanding LINQ
LINQ Syntax
LINQ to DataSets
Creating Reusable Code
Creating web controls
Registering a user control on a web form page
Registering controls globally in the web.config file
Adding public properties to a web control
Using Cascading Style Sheets in Web Forms
Understanding CSS
Attaching external CSS files
Defining a CSS selector
Using CSS class selectors in server controls
User Interface Elements
Templated sites
Master page basics
Creating master pages
Master page control generation
Working with master pages
Navigation controls
Dynamic Data Presentation
Understanding Grid View control
Grid View paging and appearance
Editing data with the Grid View control
Presenting data with the Data List control
Formatting data with binding expressions
Creating a Data Entry System
Using the Details View control
Inserting data with the Details View control
Redirecting page requests
Creating an update page
Linking to update pages from the list page
Deleting database records
User Validation
Overview of ASP.NET Validation Controls
Using the Simple Validators
Using the Complex Validators
Customizing forms with item editing templates
Adding validation controls to a form
Controlling the validation error message display
Using the Validation Summary control
Managing Session State
Understanding View State and managing post backs
Using session variables
Securing Forms Authentication
Turning on forms authentication
Creating a page to log in users
Creating a page to set up new users
Understanding the security database
Configuring security in the web.config file
Creating a page to log out users
Working with Web Parts
Building Pages with Web Parts
Creating an Editable Web Part
Connecting to Other Web Parts
Concept of .NET Assembly
Understanding Assembly
Global Assembly Cache(GAC)
Assembly Types
Converting a private Assembly into Shared Assembly
Manifest and Metadata
Globalization and Localization
Tools used for Assembly

SEO, Digital Marketing Course

The Digital Marketing Course Amravati provides every student an overall SEO Knowledge through practical assignments. The course has been designed in such a way that its every step helps students to derive satisfaction and better career life. Search Engine Optimization is always a fresh and dynamic field because it involves every single day.
If you have a quest of learning and executing internet based marketing solutions, then our SEO course in Amravati will lead you in the right direction making you financially independent immediately after you complete it. Our SEO Training program Amravati is meant to provide you long term gains in a shorter time period. With 3 months of focused training and greater emphasis on practical skills, you will be ready to face the challenges of the online world..
Behind every successful online marketing campaign, there is a search engine optimization. Search Engine Optimization, popularly called SEO, plays a huge role in driving targeted traffic to the website. Link building, meta tags, keyword research are some of the many aspects of SEO. You need to know all of them to implement your online marketing strategy.

Clear Idea about Digital Marketing Training

Client server technology.
Internet Fundamentals
Search Engines
Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimization
Concentrating on Content

Websites - blogs - articles
Creating Killer Content
Best use of page elements.
Keyword Analysis
Video, slideshow & document creation
Elements of style
Video, slideshow & document creation
Elements of style

Navigation and Usability
Site navigation
Improving User Experience
Information Architecture

SEO Terminologies
PR and other Ranking benchmarks
Types of SEO practices

On-Page Optimization
Basics of Website Designing / Development
Usability and User Experience in Website
Onsite Optimization Basics
HTML Basics for SEO
Importance of Domain Names
Website Structure and Navigation Menu Optimization
HTML Validation using W3C
Coding Best Practices
Filename Optimization
Title Tag Optimization
Meta Tags Optimization
Headers Optimization
SEO Content Writing
Page Speed Optimization Tool
Anchor Links Optimization
Internal Link Statergy
Iframes / Frames effects on SEO

Off-Page Optimization
Introduction to Offsite Optimization
Submission to search engines
Linking Building Methodology
Types of Linking Methods
Free Links / Paid Links
Directory Submissions for SEO
Social Bookmarking
Local Business Listing (Local SEO)
Classifieds Posting
Forum Signatures and Commenting
Using Blogs for SEO
Blog Commenting
Press Release Submission
Article Submissions
Video Submissions
Social Media Optimizatization Techniques (Basics)
RSS Feeds Submissions
Tracking the Links and Page Rank

Reports and Management
Website Position Analysis
Introducton to Google Analytics
Installing Google Analytics
Basics of Google Analytics
Visitors Reports
Geographic Reports
Traffic Sources Reports
Keywords Reports
Goals and Conversions
Live Project Exposure

Google WebMasters Tools
Adding a Site and Verification Process
Configuration / Settings
Geographic Settings
URL Parameters
Site Links / Health
Crawl Errors / Crawl Stats
Google Fetch
Blocking the Crawler and blocked pages
Search Queries
Links to Site / Internal Links
Optimization / Sitemaps
Remove URLS from index
HTML Suggestions
Content Keywords

Misc Tools and Practices
Google Webmaster Tools
Site Map Creators
Browser based analysis tools
Rank tracking tool
Pinging & indexing tools
Dead links indentification tools
Open site explorer
Domain information / whois tools

Social Media Promotions basics
Pay per Click and Banner Promotions

Miscellaneous SEO Activities
Image and video optimization
Optimizing site using javascript,flash,frames and CSS.
Optimizing animated and flash movies
How to use Canonical URLS
Paid Ad submissions
Using Do follow and no follow tags

Common SEO Mistakes
Keyword stuffing
Doorway pages and Hidden text
Duplicate content
Link Spamming
Targeting wrong keywords

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